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Tips on How to Make More out of Selling Your Home in Sydney - Our Guide

No matter where you live in Sydney—whether you’re in Ramsgate Beach or Woolloomooloo—the area’s entire homeownership experience can be riddled with various privileges and challenges.

From moving back and forth and settling down to getting acquainted with the transportation systems and eventually using them as if it was second nature, it’s easy to see that living in Sydney almost always makes for a rollercoaster experience. Out of all the different aspects of living in Sydney, however, there’s one part that people tend to struggle with the most: getting the most out of their home’s value once it’s time to leave.

On getting the most out of your home’s value

Whether you own a bungalow or a full-blown mansion, owning a home in Sydney’s ever-growing and highly sought-after real estate market will eventually lead to asking yourself a question: how can I increase my home’s selling value?”

As complicated as it may seem at first, finding the answer to the persistent question of increasing a home’s market value is all about taking the right steps towards improving its curb appeal. Fortunately, turning your home into a hot market item and getting the fairest (profitable) price upon selling it is a task that calls for no more than a few simple and affordable tasks.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your humble abode’s market value once it’s time to move house, here are a few tips that you can use to see results right away:

1. Restore anything and everything that can be made to look like new

In the real estate industry, the term “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply simply because most, if not all buyers use the exterior to gauge how the interior looks like.

One of the fastest ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is to replace, repaint, or clean anything in the exterior of your home that can be made to look new. If you’re looking to dramatically raise the value or curb appeal of your home without breaking the bank, here are a few simple suggestions worth considering:

  1. Maintain your siding with the help of a pressure washer to take out all the gunk and stains that prevent it from looking new.

  2. Paint your garage doors with a fresh coat of paint that either complements or follows the colour of the rest of your home’s exterior walls.

  3. Schedule a repainting session for your exterior walls so that your home can look new again. It is worth noting, however, that home repainting is no easy task to carry out on your own, so schedule a session with a professional painter for the best results.

2. Work on your front lawn

Speaking of first impressions and judgment, another effective way to increase the value of your home by a significant margin is to maintain its front lawn. In most cases, potential homebuyers emphasize finding a perfect lawn to raise their families or host parties, so make sure your home’s landscaping is worth marvelling over!

With the help of the following tips, you’ll be able to turn your front lawn into a moneymaker in no time:

  1. If it isn’t like new or could use some work, replace or maintain your home’s fence by swapping out old posts and panels and repainting them or upgrading your system entirely.

  2. Get the help of a professional landscaper to rework your lawn in a way that makes it look much more presentable or valuable at a first, second, or third (or even fourth) glance!

  3. Hire a gardening service to trim your lawn regularly so that you have a final product that’s more inviting and helps with convincing buyers that your home is worth their money.

Final words

While selling your beloved home may not necessarily be the easiest task, but it can always help to have your money’s worth given back to you once you part ways with it. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can easily ensure that your home will fetch the best price possible for what it’s worth (or even more) in no time!

If you’re looking to get a realistic value on your humble abode, get in touch with our property valuer in Sydney for a consultation and home visit right away!

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