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Director Eddy Wong

An experienced Property Valuer by background and a highly regarded property professional, Director Eddy Wong holds formal qualifications from UTS in Land Economics and has been working in the real estate industry since 1996. He has an extensive knowledge across a broad range of property types and has held roles in both the private and government sectors. He has been a director of his own valuation practice for over 14 years. Eddy is a specialist in the Sydney market and surrounding localities and is well known within real estate circles for his diverse knowledge, accuracy and reliability.

Eddy has held project management roles with Sydney Water in divestment of real estate assets throughout Sydney, Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. In dealing with government agencies such as Landcom, RMS, Sydney Rail, Department of Planning and local government authorities he has developed an understanding of rezoning and planning issues and the political ramifications of property transactions and developments. He also has detailed knowledge of easements for water and sewer and other infrastructure impacts on property values.

Some of Eddy’s recent experience and knowledge which would benefit any potential commercial property buyers includes:

  1. Asset valuations for government institutions such as Defence Housing and the NSW Office of the Protective Commissioner

  2. Rental determinations for government agencies such as Defence Housing Australia

  3. Knowledge of en-globo land subdivisions, rural/residential and prestige properties

  4. Understanding of residential construction techniques, mixed use and medium/high density developments

  5. Knowledge of planning issues and councils throughout Sydney

Through Eddy’s experience in providing residential mortgage valuations for over two decades, he understands the lending process and time constraints all buyers face in obtaining bank valuations for their purchasing or refinancing purposes.

An outstanding valuer by background, Eddy’s reputation for precision and accuracy together with his rational and personable approach, ensure that your next property purchase will be highly successful and hassle-free.

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