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5 Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Valuer for Your Property - Our Guide

A real estate valuer’s role is crucial when it comes to all kinds of property negotiations. Whether you’re planning to buy a house, sell, rent, or mortgage, it pays to consult with a qualified property valuer before pursuing any business. These professionals can accurately assess the right value of your property and understand the market very well. As such, they’ll be able to help you close the best deal.

If you’re on the hunt for your dream home or need to sell a parcel of land, here are five tips on how to choose the best real estate property valuer:

1. Research and get referrals

When looking for registered property valuers in your area, start by doing your research. The reputable ones are likely to have their own website, which should be clear and detailed. Browse through different options and don’t skip to read online reviews from previous clients. Before settling on one, it’s smart to ask family members, friends, or colleagues for cross-references. They might provide you with crucial insight about particular services or professionals they’ve worked with before.

2. Check the valuer’s license and registration

Before you hire the services of a real estate valuer, be sure to check if he or she is registered. Keep in mind that all valuation figures that will come from them will be considered authentic and legal by the government. That is why having a license is a must for any property valuer. Always look for a valuation company that is NSW registered to avoid legal complications in the future.

3. Look into a valuation company’s track record

A reputable real estate valuation company should be transparent about its client list. Check its track record before hiring their services. Read client testimonials, browse online reviews, and conduct a thorough background check. Remember—trust will be the basis of the relationship between you and your Sydney property valuer. To this end, make sure to choose a straightforward, forthright expert.

4. Refer to a valuer’s specialisation

Some property valuers are experts in rental properties, while others specialise in buying and selling. Others still focus on mortgages. Knowing what your property valuer specialises in is important when choosing the right one for your needs. If you opt to go with a valuation company, make sure to ask to work with an agent whose expertise lies in the kind of business deal you intend to pursue.

5. Consider the cost

Because hiring a property valuer entails spending for an additional expense, it is only right that you get the most of your investment. Aside from your budget, there are other considerations in choosing the right service to hire. Ask about the payment scheme and available packages. Some charge according to the size of the property, while others bill their clients for every detailed valuation report submitted. Determine which type suits your pocket and property better.

The right property valuer can help you conduct real estate business faster and smoother. Keep these points in mind when choosing the right experts to work with. As a final tip, hire someone who is familiar with your locality.

Valstar Valuations is a registered property valuer in Sydney. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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